Private Investigators Strategically Placed Throughout All Of Florida

About Florida Private Investigators

At INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC. we are a Florida Private Detective Firm that offers a wide range of investigative services to our clients across the world.  We provide licensed private investigators throughout the state of Florida.  Each private detective we have in Florida is strategically placed to cover a certain area of the state so that we have coverage throughout the whole state.   Our Florida Private Eyes are out in the field daily from Miami all the way to Jacksonville, Florida and beyond.

When you are hiring a Florida Private Investigator you want to make sure that you are hiring an experienced investigative firm.  Lots of the times you hire a firm and you end up with an apprentice conducting your investigation.  At INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC. we make sure that you have only an experienced, licensed, and bonded private investigator in Florida. We take pride in results and in our company.  We do not want someone to be learning the job on your dollar.

Our Florida Private Investigators specialize in bug sweeps, infidelity investigations, surveillance's, background checks, locates, recorded statements, workmen s comp investigations, general liability investigations, catfish investigations in Florida, and much more! We can customize any type of investigation to suit our clients needs.  If you would like a free consultation then call us today at +12393503750 or email us at Our Florida Private Detectives look forward to working with and bringing you the justice in which you deserve.




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