The Private Investigators At INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC. Specialize in Infidelity Investigations

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At INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC. we are your infidelity experts. We have Florida private investigators that are infidelity specialists.  They have been specifically trained in the field of infidelity investigations. If you want to know where your spouse or significant other is or what they are up to then call us for the truth.  If there is infidelity going on we will find it.

Signs To Look For Of A Cheating Spouse

Throughout our years of infidelity investigations, the private investigators at INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC. put together a list from our past infidelity investigations that all had one or more of these signs that lead us to determine that there was some type of infidelity going on. If you find any of these signs going on in your significant other wait no longer and contact us for a free consultation today.

1.  CHANGES IN APPEARANCE - Is your significant other drastically changing their hair style? Are they going tanning all of a sudden and never liked the sun before? Did they start going to the gym all of a sudden after years of never going? A sudden change in appearance is definitely a warning sign that you would want one of our Florida private investigators to look into. 

2. CHANGE IN CELL PHONE HABITS - Is your significant other always clinging to their phone? Do they lock their phone so you cannot get into it?  Are all of there text messages deleted?  Do they answer text messages in a different room? Do they go into a different room to talk on it?  Have you found a hidden cell phone in their car or home?  If any of these things are going on you are going to want an infidelity investigation on them immediately.   Our Florida infidelity investigators will get to the bottom of the situation. We even have some cell phone forensic devices devices where we can recover deleted text messages and find out exactly what they say and whom they are from!

3.  CHANGES IN DAILY ACTIVITES - Is your significant other staying late at work all of a sudden?  Are they not answering their phones when they are staying late at work? Is he or she picked up a new hobby all of a sudden? Are they gone for the gym or to the beach for hours?  Are they "golfing" longer than normal? You do not know how many cases we have where we catch people whom throw their golf clubs in their trunk or leave with their bathing suits on.  When we tail them they are not on the golf course nor at the beach.  If your gut is telling you that something is not right then 99% of the time that gut feeling is right.  Call one of our Florida Infidelity Investigators today at and we will document what new activities that they are really up to.

4. SUSPICIOUS COMPUTER USE - Is your spouse using the computer at weird hours of the night or day? Are they spending more time on the computer than usual? Are they clearing all the browsing history on the computer on a daily basis?  Is your computer getting viruses all of a sudden? Does he or she shut the door while on the computer?  With the way our society is going with all these smart phones and computers the everyday person has access to a computer pretty much 24/7.  People are browsing the web more via cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.  With all this technology and temptations to cheat out there it happens much more frequently then people realize. We have had numerous cases where infidelity began on websites such as Facebook, Craigslist, Ashely Madison, and other dating sites.  Anything is possible these days, we have seen it all.  Our private investigators specialize in the use of computers and social networks for infidelity.  With all this Catfishing going on across the web world wide, our investigators are trained to determine whom these people are that are meeting up with your significant other.

5. DECREASE IN FREQUENCY OF INTIMACY -  Are you and your spouse not as intimate anymore?  Is your spouse all of a sudden demeaning to you and tell you that you are the problem he or she does not want to be intimate?  If there is any decrease in intimacy it is worth hiring a Florida Private Eye from INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC. to check it out for you.  Let the infidelity experts determine what exactly is going on in your situation.