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INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC. is a full service Florida private detective firm which operates 24 hours a day. Our private investigators at BUREAU, INC. are composed of some of the most experienced and educated investigators in the industry.  All of our investigators learned the business by physically conducting private investigations out in the field.  Our private investigators have what it takes to get you the results that you are looking for.  Each investigator has their own specialty whether it is surveillance, bug sweeps, infidelity investigations, or even catfish investigations.  We have an investigative specialist in each category of the investigative services in which we provide.  When you hire INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC. you are getting experienced private detectives in Florida. We are not going to have interns conducting your investigations.  If you want results, then wait no longer and call us toll free today at.. 




Jacksonville Florida Private Investigator EDUARDO A BUSCA / Owner  INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC.

Jacksonville Florida Private Investigator EDUARDO A BUSCA / Owner INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC.

INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC. was founded by Jacksonville Florida Private Detective EDUARDO A BUSCA.  EDUARDO holds a Class C  private detective license, Class  D security license, Class M security / investigative agency manager license, Class A investigative agency license, and a Class B security agency in Florida.  He has been working in the private investigator business for over the past decade.  EDUARDO has worked thousands of different types of investigations for high profile clients throughout the United States from Boston. Massachusetts all the way to Jacksonville, Florida and beyond.  Before private detective work EDUARDO worked in the corporate and private security field while obtaining his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield State University.  His combined private investigator experience and corporate security experience over the past two decades was the foundation that led to the founding of INVESTIGATION BUREAU, INC.